Thursday, January 18, 2007


the eternal runner-up. You’re not quite there, but so close it’s maddening. It was enough to drive Jack Torrance completely off his rocker (albeit his alcoholism, homely wife interrupting with annoying sandwiches, repeated cleanup of blood-gushing elevators, and, of course, the ghosts telling him to kill were all probably factors). It’s difficult to just get out of bed with the foreboding knowledge that Thursday is the last day any real work is accomplished, as the free pass to slack off on Friday dangles above you.

Even Jack knew he was going to have to crank out 30 or 40 pages of “All work and no play….” to keep from indeed becoming a dull boy a little early on Friday and get ready to party down with Grady and that guy in the bear suit. So, here’s to us…trying to make it through yet another day of purgatory without completely devolving into insanity.

(Photo copyright Warner Bros., 1980.)


Dave said...

Yes but Thursday has the feel of a frontier of weekend laziness to it.

By Friday night I can already smell Monday's stench.

Pat said...

True. Monday does smell pretty bad. Remember the song "Manic Monday"?. God I hate that song. It makes me insane when I hear it. I just want to yell "Shut up and deal with it! Everyone hates Monday!"

Randy said...

The "Monday" song I detest is "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats. Every frickin' DJ on radio thought he was being clever by playing it during Monday wake-up time.

You know who also hates that song? Former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Rick Monday. When that song came out in 1979 and went to #1, he became paranoid that everyone in the stadium didn't like him and his family, so he stopped going to the ballpark. He played only 12 games that year. The Dodgers, who were coming off back-to-back NL West championships, fell to 79-83 and were never in the hunt. Considering Monday hit .303 in the few games for which he wasn't too spooked to play, that song probably cost Los Angeles the division crown.

Pat said...

Remember how Garfield always hated Mondays? What the hell does he care? He's a cat! Cat's cannot perceive passage of time like humans. That comic strip was flawed. FLAWED!