Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An Odd Bathroom Encounter Vol. 34

So I'm at a sink, washing up, and a guy walks in. He approaches the sink, washes his hands, and THEN steps up to the urinal.

Washing BEFORE.

I decided not to hang around to see if he'd wash AFTER as well.


Randy said...

Yeah, that's weird.

Like those surgeons who scrub before surgery. It's after the operation that you're all covered in gore and need to wash off...

Dave said...


I mean, if I were a surgeon, I'd go to the gym, perform my surgery, THEN hit the showers. It's much more efficient that way.

Pat said...

Maybe he was just using Superglue on a model he was building at his cube. You really don't want anything to be stuck to that area.

Randy said...

I miss building models. Haven't done it since I was a kid. My favorites were the big World War II battleships. One of them usually took me about a week. Then, when it was complete, I'd christen it by breaking a mini-bottle of Captain Morgan against the hull.

That's why I don't build models anymore -- I'm too in need of Captain Morgan to waste it.