Friday, January 12, 2007

Camel Spiders: Setting the Record Straight

There have been a lot of Internet rumors going around related to this picture of the notorious desert "Camel Spider" found in the Middle East, Southwestern U.S., and Mexico (where they are known as "Deer Killers"). Yes, they are huge. Yes, they can be harmful to humans. But rumors such as the ones listed below are false:

Some common Camel Spider Myths

1. Camel spiders can move at speeds over 30 mph, screaming while they

2. Camel spiders can be as large as a frisbee.

3. Camel spiders' venom is an anesthetic that numbs their prey.

4. Camel spiders can jump three feet high.

5. Camel spiders get their name because they eat the stomachs of


They can, however, eat a tank whole.

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Randy said...

Well, I don't care if those "myths" really are myths -- my favorite superhero is still Camel Spider Man.

Camel Spider Man, Camel Spider Man
Does whatever a camel spider can
Sips some water, spits it out
Walks scorching dunes without a shout
Look out! Here comes Camel Spider Man

Is he humped?
Listen man
He's a purebred Bactrian
Can he walk a mile without breaking a sweat
Faster than you smoke a Camel cigarette
Hey, there
There goes Camel Spider Man.

In the heat of midday
Eating dates at an oasis
He’s a mirage in the shade
To every villain that he faces

Camel Spider Man, Camel Spider Man
Friendly Saharan Camel Spider Man
Not much desert crime
He’s so bored
May have to start guiding Pyramid tours

To is a great big wasteland
Whenever there's a chase in sand
You'll find Camel Spider Man

Pat said...

Camel Spider Man has nothing to swing from. It's kind of a bummer for him. Two story buildings aren't gonna cut it.

BTW, another trutb to Camel Spiders: They can solve complex mathematical equations as they eat you.

Randy said...

I spent the weekend investigating some other myths involving the camel spider:

* Camel spiders are actually more closely related to the emperor penguin than to the arachnid family

* The egg-laying face-gripper in Alien was modeled on the camel spider after Ridley Scott saw a photo of one in a Victoria’s Secret catalogue

* Camel spiders fought for the Turks during World War I (although they were not forced to pay reparations after the Axis’ defeat)

* In the original script of Casablanca, Rick is killed by a camel spider ten minutes into the film

* A group of camel spiders is called a “gomez”

* Ex–New York Giants defensive back Spider Lockhart leapt out of holes in the turf to surprise enemy running backs and encased them in silk after tackling them

* Camel spiders love to laugh at themselves and never seek revenge

Pat said...

*Camel Spiders love to laugh and enjoy long walks on the beach

*Camel Spiders sometimes feel underappreciated

*A Camel Spider was originally slated to be the lead in "Lawrence of Arabia" then they decided to go with some other guy.

*The Holiday special "How The Camel Spider Saved Christmas" is a classic many parts of the world. Santa Claus is tragically killed and eaten by the spider, but Christmas lives on!

Randy said...

How come veterinary chiropractics has never caught on? A person could make himself a nice living treating camels' terrible spine problems.

Another camel-related question: Wouldn't the hump-backed Richard III have felt more at ease with a camel instead of a horse for his kingdom? An empathetic steed is a monarch's best friend.

Pat said...

*A Camel Spider ran for President of the United States in 1880 against James Garfield, but the prospect of Garfield becoming the first ambidextrous President was too much to overcome.

Randy said...

President Garfield died exactly two months shy of his 50th birthday....which was a real shame, as he would've been entitled to a free pork belly from Grayson's Mercantile & Dry Goods in Georgetown.