Friday, May 22, 2009

When Superheroes Eat Too Many Heroes

Fat Spiderman, Fat Spiderman
Eats Spaghettios can after can
Crammed into a suit, triple-X size,
Can't get out 'cause he ate three pies
Look out!
Here comes Fat Spiderman

Is he fat?
Listen, bud
He's got the bod of an Idaho spud
Can he swing from a thread?
Not unless it's made of lead
Hey, there
There goes Fat Spiderman

In the chill of night
At the scene of a meal
Like a streak of gravy
He devours anything congealed

Fat Spiderman, Fat Spiderman
Friendly corpulent Spiderman
Diet and exercise
He's ignored
Inaction is his reward

To him, life is a great big bag of chips
Wherever there's onion dip
You'll find Fat Spiderman