Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's in the Way That You Snooze It

Last night's dream:

Some chick was doing a trick pool shot in the gutter of Haddon Avenue. She used the pool cue to gently push a car forward so she could get to the cue ball. The shot included one of the pool balls rolling along an overhanging tree branch about ten feet up and falling into the gutter. Eventually, two of the balls rolled about twenty feet along the curb and dropped into the sewer (although I think only one was supposed to).

The shot wasn't a complete success, but it was impressive nonetheless, and I was the first spectator to applaud.

She was pretty cute. I should've asked for her number.


Pat said...

I think it's time "pool" started being more literal. Sure, you can do all the trick shots you want on felt, but let's see you do them underwater.

Dave said...

I literally had a dream the other night where I was on the phone, on hold, for like a half hour.


Randy said...

In The Interpretation of Collect Calls, Freud postulated that the dreamer on hold represents conflict between the id's desire for instant communication and the superego's reluctance to incur operator-assisted charges. He called this ethical crisis vehrizohnstrife and blamed it on poor telephone training.

Jung concurred but hedged that the operator does not necessarily represent the dreamer's conscience.

For more on this fascinating subject, dial 1-976-SIG-MUND.*

*Just $3.99 for the first minute; $1.99 a minute thereafter.

Pat said...

I had a dream recently where I was the the Indianapolis Dome stadium but it was this new fangled version where it was made to look like a high school football field, outdoors. It was like The Truman Show where the sky looked real, trees, etc. The only thing was, there was no wind. I was on the field trying out for the Eagles but I couldn't find my other shoe. Most of the dream had me as a Investigator trying to find the shoe.

Randy said...

Why bother looking for the other shoe? It's the uniqueness of shoes (or lack thereof) that earns an athlete his fame -- "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. Billy "White Shoes" Johnson. Red "Kitten Heel" Grange.

Next time you have a dream about hanging around Indianapolis, I say forget the other shoe and become a barefooted place-kicker like Tony Franklin. Imagine the Colts benching Adam Vinatieri in favor of you, Pat "One Shoe" Manley...