Tuesday, January 9, 2007


If this doesn't get the conversation going.....I don't know what will!*

*From 1999-2006 no topic of discussion in the group has been more fruitful than "cheese" for reasons mostly unknown.


Dave said...

Must... think of cheese-related... comment.

(gets up and paces the room)

I got nothing.

... no wait.

something coming... something cheese can be so something... wait for it... wait for it...

GAAAAAAAA!!!!! (pulling out hair)

Oh... How about a cheese-based skin cream? Smooth texture. Musky odor. All natural. Not tested on animals. Delicious.

Pat said...

You know how people are always downing cheese for its fat and cholesterol? Well, what if we made cheese in the shape of fruits like Apples and Pears. Let's see those Health nuts say something when you're taking a big bite out of a delicious Cheese Apple!

Dave said...

I was once at a fancy dinner party and they were serving wine and cheese.

The host said, real loud, "We're all gonna be blocked up tomorrow from all this cheese."

This sort of took some of the 'fancy' out of the dinner party.

Randy said...

Are pears even considered food anymore? No one seems to care about pears. You never see people eating them. Were it not for the pear's distinctive shape, you wouldn't know what the hell it is. Plus, there are the homophones. Oh, are there ever...




It's too much. Too much, dammit! Whadda they want from me?!!

Pat said...

My old dog Sparky used to love cheese as a puppy. It was his "reward" for not destroying things or not being too insane at any given moment. But then as he got older it became apparent we weren't going to be able to give it to him anymore. He would have gas strong enough to clear the room. Once I had to leave right in the middle of the classic A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors . Now I'll never know if those warriors prevailed.

Randy said...

They did prevail. But the ending left the door open for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3a: How Much Longer Can We Milk This?

Randy said...

I wonder why cheese has so dominated our discussions over the last seven years? No doubt, cheese is a huge part of our lives, what with Rich using a 12-pound cheddar wheel as his pillow and Dave absolutely convinced the sun is made of cheese ("It looks much more like cheese than the moon does").

Frankly, if it weren't for the smoked Gouda wedges at the local ShopRite, my existence would have little to no meaning.

You, yourself, have often confessed that you'd rather eat a curdled slice of provolone than the finest 36-ounce porterhouse in Texas and love talking about cheese so much that you get flush and dizzy just thinking about it.

Let's face it -- cheese-related topics are as essentially to us as air, water, and Girls Gone Wild Vols. I-V inclusive.

Pat said...

Cheese is the great unifier. I heard the Berlin Wall fell because Reagan sent Gorbi a cheese basket. True story.