Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Okay, I Think Advertising People Are Officially Out of Ideas:


Something tells me I am not going to want to hear this ringtone.


Randy said...

What the hell does a gorilla need a cell phone for anyway?

Man, the cell phone has become too prevalent. I'd wager that had Burroughs written Tarzan of the Apes today, his protagonist would've carried a cell phone...which really would've taken the edge off of Tarzan's hallmark "call of the jungle," since there'd be no need to bellow it.

Still...I'd like to see a gorilla beat that "Can you hear me now?" guy to death.

Dave said...

I'd love to go on a media diet. Say, 5 years with no TV, newspapers, magazines, radio. Just completely cut out the advertisers. Just to clean the mind out a little.

Pat said...

Yeah. Then you could DEFINITELY out-fart the Gorilla. With all that rest, he wouldn't know what hit him.

Randy said...

Gorillas always give me movie ideas:

Mighty Joe Jung

Joe is a ten-foot-tall gorilla that's pioneered analytical psychology. Before being taken from his natural habitat, the docile Joe devoted his adulthood to helping other gorillas cope with their crippling neuroses. Plumbing the depths of the simian psyche by analyzing their dreams, art, and mythology, Mighty Joe developed an entirely new way to understand monkey motivations. His work restored countless apes to mental health and enabled them to live full, productive lives...until poachers inevitably killed them anyway.

One day, Mighty Joe is captured by an African explorer named Adler, taken from his thriving practice, and brought across the ocean to a psychiatric conference in New York. Greedy, uncaring humans want to exploit Joe for his scientific talents. Although Mighty Joe tries to conduct himself as a physician should, Joe just wants to treat his own kind. Pitted in a debate against ten of the nation's leading Freudians, Mighty Joe is enraged when they accuse his banana lunch of being a phallic symbol. Taking a page from his own school of psychology, Joe achieves self-realization...realizing he's gorilla first, physician second...and squashes his rivals in his massive hands.

Then Joe goes on a rampage through the streets of New York, eventually reaching the Empire State Building. Hotly pursued by the Army and the police, Mighty Joe climbs to the top of the skyscraper...only to find he's extremely acrophobic. Joe, the most brilliant mind in the simian kingdom, suffers a panic attack and throws himself off the Observation Deck, falling to his death before the Army's biplanes even get there.

Adler sums up Mighty Joe Jung's sad tale: "'Twasn't beauty. It was irony killed the beast..."