Monday, January 29, 2007

Dream Fragment

I'm joining Pat's band on rhythm guitar to play for an Elsevier marketing conference. Pat comes to visit me to see if I'm ready because the gig's a week away. I'm nervous as hell, and he's trying to give me a pep talk.

Suddenly, we're standing in a forest and Pat tells me to plug my guitar into a large, nearby boulder because he likes the way it resonates. Then, he rubs dirt and mud all over the boulder and tells me that that'll help open up the sound.


Pat said...

Great, why not tell the WORLD my secret, Dave?!

Randy said...

Pat knows what he's doing, Dave. With 100-Watt heads, those Marshall basalt rocks really deliver power without compromising clarity. And if you can find a good limestone woofer to stack on it without it falling off and starting an avalanche, that baby'll give you enough gain to scare off every animal in the forest.

I also recommend the pinecone foot-pedal for that crunchy distortion sound.

After all, what better way to play rock music than through a rock?

Pat said...

Was the pep talk like "Dave, if you make even the SLIGHTEST mistake I will hear it and you will be fired."

Randy said...

And did Pat speak it in a Norwegian accent like Knute Rockne and then toss you a kipper as positive reinforcement?

Puns are very effective motivational tools, you know.

Dave said...

Actually, I played some riff for you and you had to try really hard to hide your disappointment. I remember you saying something about practicing 2 hrs a night until the gig.

Then you pulled a tremendously long weed out of the ground and said that it's roots were in Elizabeth and that it grew all the way to Manhattan (we were in Manhattan, I guess before it was populated and still mostly forrest).

Been meaning to ask you what you meant by pulling up that weed... whether it was a metaphor or something. Well?

Pat said...

The weed represented the history of rock n roll. Every mile was equal to 1 year. I wanted you to tap into to Rock n Roll history to give you inspiration.