Friday, December 15, 2006

Talkin' Defunct Baseball

Is it me, or does Pat (extreme right of Mount Drinkmore), with his impish grin and curling bangs, resemble the logo of the 1952-53 St. Louis Browns? ('Course, Pat lost his antennae after his 25th birthday, but he still gets KMOX pretty clear.)

(Logo copyright Major League Baseball.)


Pat said...

Actually, I've modeled my life around MLB baseball logos. Just last week I posed as the old Brewers Baseball Mit logo. Nothing says "Brewers" like a nondescript baseball mit that could stand for any team.

Randy said...

The Milwaukee Brewers were a minor-league team -- part of the American Association -- from 1902 to 1952. But from the 1920 through 1933 seasons, they were just a bunch of liars. Liars in cleats. The 18th Amendment meant that they weren't brewing anything. I could've respected them had they changed their name to the Moonshiners or the Bootleggers, or even the Delirium Tremensers. But their empty boast deceived an entire generation of baseball fans. Nearly as much so as the 1940s Philadelphia Athletics, who, instead of emulating their name, were lethargic, clumsy, and lay prostrate in the field, reacting to balls hit to them with, " get it."

Dave said...

Wasn't Pat voted "Most Likely to Be Compared With an Obscure Sports Logo"?

Randy said...

Yes, he was. But some of the voting machines were antiquated and deliberately used to confuse elderly sports mascots, most of whom were too bulky to wedge into the voting booth anyway.

(The Phillie Phanatic was able to use his party-favor tongue to move the lever, but for the others...well, democracy remains a tease.)