Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stern used to play audio of this

Gotta be careful when stompin grapes!

Copyright Fox 5


Dave said...

Why on earth did they keep airing it after she fell and started bellowing like a donkey? I like the news anchors reaction. "Oooh. Sounds like she's hurt!"

Randy said...

Falling off a raised platform and crushing grapes with your body is actually more effective and hygienic than stomping them, regardless of how painful it can be. The other woman should have tossed some grapes under this lady as soon as she began to fall.

Pat said...

She kinda sounds like Roscoe P Coltrane a little. Maybe they are related. She tried to go legit rather than stay in that moonshine-ridden County. But she couldn't avoid HAZZARD. Hahaha. Yeah. Thank you, goodnight!

Randy said...


The extra z was for "zero talent."

(The first z was for "zenith of stupidity.")

Pat said...

I thought it was the writers' inside joke that you were killing your brain by watching it. The final show ended when Hazmat came in and exterminated all of them, except Uncle Jesse who lived to star in the TV special "Return to Mayberry".

Randy said...

Personally, I thought NBC did Return to Mayberry all wrong. This tired reunion saddled with predictable gags should have striven for an edgier plot, such as:

Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) is attending a Kansas City Royals game. Slugging first-baseman John Mayberry takes a mighty swing at a curveball and loses his grip on his bat, which hurtles into the crowd, cracking Sheriff Andy in the skull. As he lies comatose in a hospital bed, Barney Fife, Aunt Bea, Helen Crump, Opie, Goober, and the other wacky characters in town crowd his room to relive unforgettable moments and play with his service revolver. Two months later, Andy wakes from his coma and revisits Royals Stadium to return to John Mayberry the Louisville Slugger that nearly cost Andy his life.

Each man, now a little wiser, forgives the other, even though neither did anything wrong.

Briscoe Darling (Denver Pyle) sings Queen's "You're My Best Friend" a capella over the ending credits.