Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Great Craigslist Ad

"Dragon and String Theory Band - Perfect Side Project

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Are you a musician, maybe playing with a band but want to do something fun for a while? Do you long for the days of Dio. Do you want to only write music about Dragons, Mystical Lands, Time Travel, and possibly String Theory? We do. We are fed up with bands only sort of singing about dragons or alluding to dragons through metaphors. This is going to be an in your face band singing about Dragons from the highest mountain top. We don't care what you play, we probably already have two guitar players, and a synth player. But if you love dragons we won't discriminate we'll be a 12 person band if we have to, and I think the more people the better, that is the only way to really bring the power of the dragon to the stage. We want it to be over the top, we want to wear lots of velvet and leather, write some songs, record them, play some gigs, rock some balls off, and bring the power of the dragon back to the nation's capital."


Randy said...

Rockin' out about dragons is all well and good...but rockin' out to string theory? That sounds more like turf for a string band, not hard-rockers. String theory posits that all matter is made up of strings that vibrate at different frequencies. These vibrating strings are better resembled by the feathers of a Mummer's outfit swaying back and forth as he/she parades down the street. And the intricate play between the banjos, horns, and xylophones far better represents string theory's elegant and subtle complexity than four sweaty poseurs in black leather cranked to maximum volume. Hard rock is much more basic and visceral, so those guys should stick to dragons and special relativity. Leave string theory to the pros.

Pat said...

String theory is pretty rockin'. I mean, there might be another dimension right now where we're rockin' out instead of at work.

Randy said...

Let those eggheads at NASA quibble over leptons and quarks and quantum mechanics 'til the cows come home. My iPod takes me to the most rockin' dimension in the universe -- the Fifth Dimension! Thanks to this wondrous little gadget, every day belongs to the Age of Aquarius and I can go Up Up and Away whenever works gets me down down and out.

Marilyn McCoo -- America's greatest astrophysicist!