Monday, December 18, 2006

Yep, Another Dream

I can see this blog quickly becoming a dream-theory blog, but this is a good one involving another contributor to this site. It begins with me going to Boston with Randy and our friend Brendan.

On the way, Randy explains that, for extra money, he has gotten a temp job at the hotel at which we are staying. I nod approvingly but secretly think, "Man, that is a horrible idea." We arrive, and it's in a, should we say, not-so-nice neighborhood. But, we're here and it's time to hit some Irish pubs! Not so fast. Randy is immediately assigned front-desk duty and though he tries to fake his way through it, he double charges us for the room (including himself!) and then doesn't know how to make those keycards for us. So we just sit in the lobby. I say, "I'm going out for a walk." BIG mistake; it is getting dark. On my walk, I encounter a strange group of people who surround me and tell me this bizarre story about being lost and how not to go down to the river (pointing down a shadowy alley that leads to the harbor) because "someone had hurt (them) there; the children ran away screaming."

I am significantly rattled by this and return to the hotel, but Randy and Brendan are gone. A note stating "Drinking" is on the door of my room, which I take to be from them. I go out AGAIN. Now it is pitch black and I am with a larger group of people who look like tourists. A woman (with 5 o'clock shadow) is asking for money through a fence. She starts telling me about people who had approached her and told her not to go near the river. I laugh and say, "Oh, ha, that's a scam! Don't give them any money." Then I fly away. Yes, fly. A recurring "power" of mine in my dreams since childhood is flight. I've figured it out, and no one else has. It's like treading water, where I push off on the air with my legs and stay airborne that way. I really should try this in real life sometime. I think I'll do that now.

EDIT: Just tried. Couldn't fly.


Randy said...

First day on the job and I'm already abandoning my post to go out drinking? That's my dream job! What hotel was this? I'm gonna e-mail them my resume pronto.

Pat said...

I know. You guys had a blast while I was constantly besieged by street folk. But, at least I could fly. If I made this into a movie I would call it Stay In Your Hotel At All Times .

Randy said...

If you made this into a movie, I'd have Jackie Chan portray me and travel back in time so I could party with Babe Ruth while he still played for the Red Sox, and I'd teach him the martial arts in exchange for pitching and hitting tips. Together, we'd form the most destructive duo in baseball history, and when Detroit came to town, we'd kung fu the living snot out of Ty Cobb.

And Vangelis should do the soundtrack.

Laura said...

Can Ty Cobb be played by Tex Cobb? I just saw him again a few days ago walking past the supermarket. Maybe I could pitch the idea to him.

Randy said...

The most logical choice of actor for a sports biopic is always one who shares the same surname as the athlete -- Tex Cobb as Ty Cobb, Jamie Foxx as Jimmie Foxx, either of the Julie Browns as Jim Brown.

When will Hollywood realize this?