Monday, December 18, 2006

So Cool Your TV Will Melt

Idea for a Science-Fictiony-Type "Show":

Us are the heroes.

These Guys are bad and are always fighting with Us.

These Other Guys are badder than These Guys and will sometimes fight with These Guys or they may just fight with Us. Sometimes These Guys and Us will team up even though they hate each other and fight These Other Guys.

Anyway, the Show will be about what happens when Us finds out that These Guys are builiding an Huge Bomb Thing. What the Huge Bomb Thing does is when it's dropped, it goes BOOOOOSH! That's all that currently known about it.

Both These Other Guys and Us have interest in the Huge Bomb Thing. Us wants to destroy it. These Other Guys want it for their own evil purposes: To get Us and These Guys together and drop it on them.

This Show should be done in Cartoons. This is key. And These Other Guys look like huge blocky robots and they talk in roboty voices... like this:

(robot voice)
Hello. I'm a robot.

Us look like muscley humans and talk normal. These Guys look like giant monkeys with uniforms. These Guys communicate with brain waves, so you hear them talking but their mouths don't move. Maybe their eyebrows move a little so you know which one is talking.

And when the music is playing in the beginning of the Show there should be a huge pile of melting TVs.


Pat said...

I think you are on to something there. I especially like the polite nature of the robots, explaining that they are in fact, robots, and introducing themselves. You like that in a robot.

Randy said...

And I'm intrigued by These Guys looking like "giant monkeys with uniforms." A sharp uniform can make all the difference. I've often thought that had King Kong worn a uniform, Manhattanites wouldn't have given him such a hard time. Hell, why not even deputize him and dress him in police blues? With Kong on the beat, crime in the Big Apple would drop to nothing.

Clothes make the monkey.