Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's A Wonderful Life (Alternate Ending)

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One of my favorite SNL skits ever—Mr. Potter finally gets his.

George Bailey (Dana Carvey): "'re not even a cripple!"

(Photo copyright NBC, 1986.)


Randy said...

Was it really such a wonderful life for George Bailey? Sure, he was surrounded by caring friends...but he was in black-and-white. Sure, he had a loving wife...but in 12 years, she would leave him to start her own sitcom. Sure, his children adored him...but he worked in an office with an uncaged bird that could peck out his eyes at any moment.

George Bailey would have been much better off as Clarence demonstrated. There would have been no record of him, no Social Security Number, nothing that made him beholden to anyone or any agency. No taxes. No bills. No cold-calls from stock brokers. No brother-in-law freeloading for a week like a remora. Every dime he earned would be his to keep. Rack up six-figure credit-card debt and never have to pay, then when he's maxed out, just apply for a different card. Spend every moment living like a king.

You see, George really had a wonderful non-existence. Don't you see what a mistake it was to throw it away and go back to a real life?

Pat said...

Yeah. I mean, how long will it be before he starts screaming about having so many kids again? Are we really supposed to believe his insanity was over just because some guy in pajamas showed him some weird stuff?

Randy said...

Clarence implies that Mark Twain is in heaven, telling George that he should read the new book Twain is writing.

So, even in the afterlife, people get to keep their pseudonyms/aliases instead of reverting to their true selves?

Provided she goes to heaven, there'll be an angel named "Cher"? Or one named "Sting"?

It's a good thing the Bible has already been written. Who could heed the word of Archangel Sting?

Especially after his last album...

Sidenote: When Sting dies, will he be known as "Stung"?

Pat said...

Yeah. Do you want to be named after a verb? You are just asking for trouble. Especially if that verb is "Puke".