Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nothing like...

...having a waitress spill a beer on you!

"Next one is on me," she says.

I'm wondering if she's just saying that and if she'll forget or claim ignorance because the bar is packed and LOUD, and in that kind of atmosphere, you can't hold anyone to anything.

"How you guys doing?" she asks.

"I'll take THAT BEER now," I say—implying that she knows damned well what beer I'm talking about. The free one I've got coming to me. And lo and behold, I get a fresh, free beer placed on the table before me. It's mine and mine alone. A new frontier. And when the bill comes, it's minus 1 beer. The free one. The one I drank for free.


Pat said...

When she said "the next one is on me", you should have said "you're gonna spill that one on you?" and then laughed hysterically and high fived all your friends.

Randy said...

I can't get past the vision of THAT BEER -- a milquetoast sitcom starring Dave and Marlo Thomas avec beret as they walk around late '60s Manhattan looking for free beer. The show could co-star Ted Bessell and a lot of canned laughter.