Thursday, February 1, 2007

John Lennon: Evil

"She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah"...words from a maniacal devil of a man, strangely beloved by millions. It was just uncovered by the Christian Web site recently that John Lennon was a "profane and brawling street youth." In other words, like every teenager in the history of the world! That bastard. But there's more: "He tried to frighten old people." Please note it says he tried to frighten them. It doesn't say he was successful. The switching of their pills with M&M's and 3AM surprise screaming room invasions were all just tests. After the old people regained consciousness and control of their bodily functions, I am sure they had a good laugh about it and maybe even thanked John. You can read more about his reign of terror here:

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Randy said...

But trying to frighten old people is what rock & roll is all about. Elvis's wild pelvic gyrations terrified the elderly of that time, what with their prim upbringings and arthritic hips. Ditto Chuck Berry's "duckwalk" and Chubby Checker's "twist." Would these crazed, lascivious gestures become the norm? How could a senior citizen hope to remain hip when it was his own aching hip preventing him from dancin' to the jailhouse rock? Lord knows, grandparents didn't want to be no square, but it's really not all that great using a wooden chair.

Scaring old folks with rock & roll -- that's how the younger generation got even for a million Cold War nightmares.

Or as Lennon himself said, "Добрый вечер и добро пожаловать в Slaggers. Показ Дениса О'белла. Продвиньтесь, Ringo ... давайте слышать это для Дениса, ха эй!"