Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Get a Life

Man, I used to love this show!


Dave said...

he sorta just fell of the map didn't he? i remember he did cabin boy which was pretty funny but not much else.

Pat said...

He was actually in The Abyss which I just saw on TV the other day and hated. Nothing happens for an hour and 40 minutes. It is so boring. Then we get these underwater aliens teaching us lessons about nuclear responsibility. We should nuked those aliens good!

Randy said...

Never seen it, but I did watch The Abysshe, a cautionary tale about an underwater romantic poet who uses terza rima and couplet endings to warn of man's frightening proximity to nuclear catastrophe. But before the soggy poet can finish the final stanza that holds the answer to man's salvation, he drowns, and his wife swims in and writes that although man appears to be creating a monster through his atomic weapons, it is actually man that is the real monster.

Then they cut to a commercial for Shell Oil.