Thursday, July 23, 2009

They're Special, So Special, Alright...

The following concert information was cut and pasted from today's Ticketmaster site. Chrissie Hynde et al have finally mastered complementarity and can now appear in two places at once. The European Organization for Nuclear Research spent more than €3 billion constructing the Large Hadron Collider...and The Pretenders beat them to it with a pair of Stratocasters and a stack of Marshall amps.

The Pretenders Tower Theatre Upper Darby, PA Thu, 08/13/09 07:30 PM Find Tickets

The Pretenders The Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA Thu, 08/13/09 07:30 PM Find Tickets

The Pretenders have always ranked among rock's most scientifically progressive bands. Over their long and distinguished career, they have dabbled in alchemy ("Brass in Pocket"), general chronology ("Time the Avenger"), and radio astronomy ("Tattooed Love Boys"). Chrissie's uncompromising commitment to melding a post-punk aesthetic with empirical research has yielded some of the most melodic eggheadism since Enrico Fermi's classic Gone Fission LP.

Now, The Pretenders have truly revolutionized both rock music and quantum physics. By performing in two places at once—no easy feat, especially considering the endless parade of stoplights in West Philly—Chrissie and the boys double their ticket sales, not to mention cut their touring costs in half. What practical application this will have on the larger world remains to be seen, but it certainly means good news for aficionados of Martin Chambers' sideburns.

For further reading on the two-places-at-once phenomenon, see the Mount Drinkmore post of January 7, 2007 ("E = AFC2"), which goes well with a Beaujolais and some Cheetos.

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