Monday, March 5, 2007

Idea for an Invention

TV remotes are boring. They just sit there on the coffee table or between the seat cushions doing nothing to spruce up the room. They have these little annoying buttons too. And they're always getting lost.

Instead of a remote control, wouldn't you rather control your TV using a big, wooden captain's wheel from an old wooden ship? Just set it up in your living room with an infrared sensor tuned to the TV, and when you want to change the channel, you take the wheel. Spin it to the left and the channels go down; to the right, they go up. The faster you spin it, the faster the channels change... like the iPod click wheel.


Pat said...

Yes. YES! I've always wanted a Captain's Wheel. This would allow me to have a practical one, performing a necessary function. I think it was watching Captain Noah when I was a kid that got me into the whole Captain's Wheel thing. What was his deal anyway? Was he ALWAYS on that ship? Yet he sometimes acknowledged it was a "TV sky". Which is it? And is this after the flood? Shouldn't we be all dead?

Randy said...

A foyne oydea, Cap'n Dave.

Speaking of the iPod click wheel, I've been drafting designs for a flat-bottom boat using an oversized iPod as the hull. For me, nothing is so relaxing as being at sea on a warm day accompanied by good music and chilled spirits. And what better way to supply the music than by rigging a twin-masted iPod with a captain's wheel and sailing the pristine waters of the Florida Keys?

Incidentally, although "Moby Dick," the song, diverges somewhat from the novel after the guitar cuts out, I plan to christen my boat in honor of both one of my favorite books and one of my favorite iPod songs -- thus, my boat will be known as the iQuod.

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