Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You Are Now In The United States of Pottersville

Last week on Christmas Eve, Melissa and I were watching It's a Wonderful Life, and I began to get this strangely familiar feeling whenever a scene with Mr. Potter would come up. Like I had seen him earlier that day, or had been seeing him quite often for a long period of time. Then it hit me: Mr. Potter is Dick Cheney. Could Lionel Barrymore still be alive and maniacally playing out the worst fears we had of Mr. Potter taking over the Building & Loan...and then THE WORLD? I think the photographic evidence is more than enough to make the case:

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Randy said...

Tom Hanks appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman last night to promote his new film, Angels and Demons. While explaining his experience at President Obama's inauguration in January, he referred to Dick Cheney as "Mr. Potter."

Incontrovertible proof that Tom Hanks reads, enjoys, and steals ideas from Mount Drinkmore!Maybe we can get Hanks to guest on Mount Drinkmore like he did with the Pythons at the Concert for George.

Rich, get me Tom Hanks's e-mail!