Thursday, August 23, 2007

'73 Super Bowl + '77 Topps = 4-Year Hangover

Billy Kilmer was an All-Pro quarterback who threw 152 touchdowns, stands fifth on the Redskins list for career passing yardage, and led Washington to an appearance in Super Bowl VII.

But this is how I like to remember him:


Pat said...

Man, he must have been drunk to allow that picture to be used. I always imagined my Baseball Card would have me swinging a flaming bat while riding a motorcycle.

Randy said...

Well, Billy Kilmer had been in the NFL since 1961 and was just about at the end of his career in 1977. Joe Theismann had become the starting QB, and Kilmer spent most of the game sleeping in a four-poster bed on the sidelines. Wily vets get little perks like that.

This photo probably caught him waking up at halftime to go to the little-quarterback's room.