Sunday, April 29, 2007


Read this on an internet forum...

How do you pronounce Schon?
As in "Neil Schon."
Is it "Shawn" or is it "Shone?"

It's pronounced "shrimp."


Randy said...

Neil Schon's blatant disregard for proper pronunciation is what got him kicked out of Santana. Try hunting down the 1971 bootleg of Carlos Santana's infamous meltdown at the Fillmore West when he berates Schon during the band introductions after Schon corrected him.

Santana: "...and on guitar, Neil Schon..."

Schon: "It's pronounced 'Shrimp', everybody."

Santana: "Qué tipa pendeja! There's no p in your name!"

(The subsequent thumps and crashes are the two of them wrestling as the rest of the band rips into "Oye Como Va.")

Pat said...

From someone named Dave Montalvo on an internet forum!

"Dave Montalvo says: just eat clams. you can shuck them behind the counter and give the shells out to the customers as door prizes"